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Searching for information on new business opportunities or thinking about opening up your own fabric treatment service company? Consider Fiber-Seal, a company with established prestige that lets you network at the highest levels of society and industry. To find out if Fiber-Seal is the right opportunity for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have an appreciation for the finer things in life?
  • Do you have talents that have gone unnoticed or unused—including a natural gift for making people feel comfortable and important?
  • Would you like to create a more secure financial future for yourself and your family?
  • Would you like to create something of lasting value—a legacy that you can hand down to the next generation?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can step immediately into an exciting, rewarding career with an industry leader, and take pride in owning a business that has been respected since its establishment in 1971. 

We are looking for owners in these cities:

Birmingham, AL ⋅ San Diego, CA ⋅ Jacksonville, FL ⋅ Chicago, IL ⋅ Indianapolis, IN ⋅ Kansas City, KS ⋅ Boston, MA ⋅ Detroit, MI ⋅ Las Vegas, NV ⋅ Knoxville, TN  Salt Lake City, UT

Many other markets are available upon request. Just give us a call or fill out the Information Request form. Becoming a Fiber-Seal Licensee Owner is  low-cost investment. Most open territories cost as little as $25,000 which gives you exclusive rights, marketing assistance, and best of all it’s yours to sell when you are ready to retire.

For more details about Fiber-Seal and the availability of territories, pick up the phone and call us today at 1.800.883.7325 or fill out the form. Join the many others who have realized a bright new future as part of our Fiber-Seal family.


Testimonials From Current
Fiber-Seal Licensee Owners:

"I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the level of support, encouragement, and patience I receive from the staff at Fiber-Seal Systems as I build my business. I purchased a license for an area that had never had a Fiber-Seal location, so we were a complete start-up. They are always quick to respond to my requests for everything from marketing help to technical support in building our techs’ skills at spot removal.

 As a corporate lawyer in my “former life’, I knew too well of the acrimony that can often arise between licensees and licensors of a business when they feel either side isn’t delivering as promised. I can say I’ve never experienced that, in large measure because I trust the people I’m dealing with. I also know I can call any other Fiber-Seal office in the country and get advice so as to avoid having to make (all of!) my own mistakes instead of benefiting from the experience of others.
— Bonnie Oulla, Fiber-Seal of the Low Country


"I worked for Fiber-Seal of Tulsa for eighteen years as a Sales Consultant. When the owners decided they wanted to retire, it was the perfect opportunity for me to continue doing what I already loved doing. I bought Fiber-Seal of Tulsa in January of 2007 and have never regretted my decision.

 I also saw a golden opportunity along with a business partner, Mike Sutton, to purchase an open territory from Fiber-Seal Systems.  In April of 2007 at the annual meeting, we signed the papers and Fiber-Seal of the Front Range was born in Denver Colorado. Even owning two companies 750 miles apart, it has been worth every minute of it and I am extremely happy with the growth of my business and the superior support that I get from Fiber-Seal Systems." 
— Nancy Gleeson, Fiber-Seal of Tulsa, Fiber-Seal of the Front Range


"I love moments in life that remind us we are doing the right thing just when we think we are going insane. I opened the Charlotte Fiber-Seal office one year ago. While it has been a challenge to start a new business with 3 young children, I know I am selling great products and providing a service that people need! I spilled wine on my sofa this weekend and thank goodness for my cleaning kit to take care of the problem!" 
— Laurie Simons, Fiber-Seal of Charlotte


“Transitioning from oilfield worker to fabric care professional may sound a bit difficult. Not with Fiber-Seal. When I joined the Fiber-Seal team in 1983 I started my business by the book. That would be the Fiber-Seal Technical manual and the general licensing manual. I followed their business model, I called on the Fiber-Seal Systems staff for anything and everything and have always received excellent support. I was welcomed into the design community because I automatically had high credentials that Fiber-Seal established. 33 years later I am very proud to still be a part of the Fiber-Seal system and am looking forward to many more years of working with a really great variety of people. Kudos to Fiber-Seal Systems for elevating our brand to where it is today!” 
— Mike Meche, Fiber-Seal of Lafayette


“It’s been a great pleasure being an owner of Fiber-Seal of San Antonio. It allows me to be a part of such a fascinating industry, the world of Interior Design. Through our corporate office, we are ASID Industry Partners, which allows us the opportunity to attend so many great functions and to mingle with top interior designers.

Fiber-Seal products are the best…our clients have recommended us to their friends and family, thus assisting us in growing our business. We have since purchased Corpus Christi, Rock Port and Port Aransas territories, which is about two and a half hour, drive south of San Antonio. We enjoy the drive to these coastal cities and usually make a day trip and end it with dinner by the ocean. Fiber-Seal has been such a wonderful business for the past six years and we look forward to many more great years.” 
— Nena Mayorga, Fiber-Seal of San Antonio/Corpus Christi


"As I weighed different opportunities regarding business ownership, a primary template emerged...

1. Respected and mature brand name
2. Ability to differentiate from others within the marketplace
3. Ability to retain customer through personal efforts
4. Appealing service deliverables 
5. Above average income opportunities
6.Quality of product and services

Fiber-Seal fit perfectly with these factors along with many others not mentioned.  The corporation has demonstrated they are concerned with the growth of the individual service centers, providing strong support, and providing outstanding access for assistance when needed.

In many service-related industries, there are two types of quality of services. One is the craftsman, who is adequate and performs to an industry accepted standard and the other is the artisan, who performs and delivers at a superior and exceptional level.  Fiber-Seal of Atlanta strives to deliver at a artisan level and I know Fiber-Seal Corporate embraces that fully."
— Sammy Hebert, Fiber-Seal of Atlanta

"In late 1982 Bob and I purchased Fiber-Seal of MN from the couple who had started it in our area several years earlier.  Fiber-Seal had a nice reputation but a small designer and customer base. 

We found, over the years, that being an owner-operator was a great way for us to run our company; it worked with our lifestyle and family.  We could work hard with lucrative results but have the flexibility to focus on family needs and other demands and opportunities as needed. 

We have found that the possibilities for “growing” Fiber-Seal are many; limited only by our time and imagination.  Fiber-Seal is a wonderful, customer-centered business.  We so often hear “why haven’t I heard of you before now?”  Though our designer and customer bases are growing year after year, we are very proud to continue to work with people we have known for 20-30 years…..and now their children, too!"
— Nancy Kloehn, Fiber-Seal of Minnesota


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