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FABRIC PROBLEMS... What Causes Color Changes?


Have you ever wondered why your white silk sofa seems to have a yellow cast? How about that white cotton sofa that is yellowing, but only behind the pillows? Most color changes do tend to occur on white or light-colored furnishings, but there can be problems on dark colors, too.

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DRAPERIES... Special Fabrics Need Special Care


Draperies, one of the most widely used applications of vertical fabrics, are often thought to be difficult to maintain. Actually, with a little planning and a careful approach, these items can be kept clean with a minimum of effort.

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"DRY CLEAN ONLY" FABRICS... The "S" Code Explained


For cleaning purposes, fabric manufacturers and distributors generally categorize fabrics according to colorfastness codes. These codes are typically found on fabric samples and are often included as “deck labels” on seating pieces with removable cushions. The codes are as follows:

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ORIENTAL RUGS... Maintenance Tips from the Professionals


“Oriental rug” is a term that encompasses a wide variety of floor coverings, some of which have a thick pile look while others appear more flat and woven. These rugs can also be made from many different fibers such as silk, rayon and wool, but in this article, we will discuss the subset of Oriental rugs made with wool.

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So you’re remodeling and you want to put something on top of your carpet to protect it from the builders, construction workers, movers and anyone else that happens to trudge by.  There are many different products that might fit the bill, but which one is best? 

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Most of us have either done it or watched it happen.  A trip or maybe an inadvertent wave of the hand sends that beautiful glass of cabernet or merlot flying.  In a panic, people start rushing to do something – anything – to keep the stains from becoming permanent!

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Have you read an article or seen a blog posting that has made claims that dishwashing liquid is as good as specialized spot and stain removers sold under well-known brands names? Well, don't believe everything you read... handy isn't always safe--using dishwashing liquid or other cleaners not designed for carpet or fabric cleaning inevitably leads to accelerated soiling in the long run.

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FABRIC PROTECTION… Not Just For Light-Colored Fibers And Fabrics


Have you ever wondered why traffic lanes wear out faster than surrounding carpet? Is it simply because of the high traffic in those areas or is there another culprit at play? Often when we think of fabric protection, we think of spills on light-colored fabrics. However, fabric protection treatments do much more than just protect fabric from spills.

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Pet Urine Stains


Removing pet urine stains can be a challenge even for professionals...fiber content, age of the animal, how long and how many times they use the same spot all must be considered.

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RAYON RUGS…“Difficult” Would Be The Diplomatic Term


Problems abound when it comes to rayon rugs and goes by many different names such as Viscose, Faux Silk, Art Silk, and Bamboo Silk only to name a few. At least one manufacturer uses a brand name, calling their rayon Luxcelle. Many different names, all the same fiber.

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ABRASION RESISTANCE…A Major Factor In User Satisfaction


One of the most essential performance characteristics of an upholstery fabric is abrasion resistance… the ability of the material to withstand the rubbing or abrasion it receives in day-to-day use. Many factors are directly related to abrasion resistance, including: type of yarn(s), fabric construction, construction of the furniture, and degree and type of use.

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PILE REVERSAL… A Most Durable Dilemma


Shading is a change in pile direction that results in an apparent change in color due to the light reflecting in different ways. Solid color cut-pile carpets will exhibit this more often than textured or patterned carpets.

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FABRIC CHALLENGES…Our Picks For “Most Difficult” To Maintain


It could be argued that there are no "bad" fabrics or floor coverings, only less than practical choices. Starting with this premise, there are several types of fabrics used for interior furnishings that are best suited to minimal-use areas such as formal living rooms and guest bedrooms. The fabrics discussed in this article should be specified only in such low-use areas.

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SILK...An Age-Old Favorite


While silk is coveted for its elegance, texture, luster, etc., it must be used in the proper settings. Lighting is one of the critical factors to consider before using silk as a floor covering or an above-the-floor fabric.

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