Designers’ Corner

Since 1971, Design Professionals Have Been Suggesting the Fiber-Seal System for These Reasons

  • Fiber-Seal partners with designers to create satisfied clients by teaching them how to care for their beautiful new interiors
  • Fiber-Seal is a one-stop fabric resource – we can test fabrics for colorfastness, cleanability, and suitability for use, making the selection process more risk-free for the designer
  • Fiber-Seal can field fabric questions from clients, leaving more time for the design process
  • Fiber-Seal creates referral business for designers – clean, spot-free interiors make a great impression on those who are searching for a designer

How We Work with Designers

It's simple. We don't ask you to recommend us or guarantee our work – we're fully insured for that. We do ask that you mention Fiber-Seal to each of your clients – AND THEN TELL US! We'll take it from there.

We will make an appointment at the convenience of your residential or commercial client, evaluate the best ways to care for their furnishings, and explain our customized fabric treatment products and our service commitment, including our no-charge policy for spotting emergencies. Once we understand their needs and concerns and have established how we can help, we will offer a reasonably priced estimate. 

Your clients expect respect for their time and Fiber-Seal understands the constraints of their busy schedules. We will treat your clients with the same consideration you give them. We know that they will come to depend on our expertise as the "personal assistant" they need to manage their furnishings, both at home and at the office.

We Are Cleaning Experts

In addition to protecting new items, we are also known for our expertise in hard-to-clean fabrics and fibers. We specialize in silks, wools and difficult rayons, as well as fine area rug cleaning and wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. Call us with your questions related to furniture or carpet cleaning or to help with your client's specific needs.

Prestige Service 

For that residential client who has a very large home, who entertains frequently, or who may have difficulty maintaining a staff, Fiber-Seal has the perfect solution: our Prestige Program. It is renewable, completely customized to each individual residence, and may include regular spotting visits, overall cleaning as needed, regular turning of rugs, vacuuming of furniture, and a host of other services so necessary to the upkeep of an estate-style home.

Fabric Information for Designers — FiberFacts and Textile Tips

Part of our commitment to design professionals is to stay current on the newest trends in fibers, fabrics, carpeting, and rugs. To help you stay up-to-date, we offer two fabrics-related services at this site. CLICK ON THE FIBERFACTS AND TEXTILE TIPS LINKS for an introduction to both services. 

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You also can refer your clients to us via email. Just fill in the information form when it appears after login/registration and a consultant from the office nearest you will explain our services, offer a free quotation, and schedule Fiber-Seal services in a timely and professional manner.  Thank you so much for your confidence in us!