Why You Need a Barrier Rug Pad

Spills that seep through rugs can severely damage the flooring beneath. Even if your flooring is sealed and waxed, no floor is completely waterproof. Whether it’s pet urine, water, wine, or any other liquid, it can be extremely difficult and costly to repair flooring that has been damaged by liquids. The best solution for those with wooden or laminate flooring is to invest in a high-quality rug pad that acts as a barrier between the rug and the floor.

Keeps Rugs in Better Shape

Without a rug pad, rugs can get wrinkled, knotted and bunched up depending on the fabric type. Rug pads keep your rug in place as it is intended to be, and prevents any accidents caused by slipping. Walking on a rug placed on a bare floor wears down both the rug and the flooring over time due to dirt and debris buildup between the rug and floor. Not only does this take a toll on the back of the rug, but can also cause tiny abrasions in your flooring. By using a rug pad, you can increase the longevity of both your rugs and floors. Rug pads are a sustainable, simple solution!

They're Comfy!

Rug pads provide extra cushioning under your rug. This is especially useful for thinner rugs as it makes them more pleasant to walk on.

Benefits of Barrier Rug Pads

Barrier rug pads can save you thousands of dollars on flooring repair and refinishing costs by preventing damage from ever occurring. It provides a protective layer between your flooring and the liquids that get spilled on your rug. When water, pet urine, or any other liquid penetrates the wood, it causes the wood to stain, discolor, soften and even rot. Floor cupping and mold growth can occur if even small traces of liquid get to the wood. Liquids that penetrate laminate flooring can cause the boards to warp and swell. The glue holding the boards together can also weaken, which results in them falling apart. These issues are very costly, and you could even have to replace your entire floor. Barrier rug pads allow home owners to relax knowing that a barrier is keeping moisture off the floor.

For Pet Owners

If you own a pet, especially a puppy or older dog, it is highly recommended that you use barrier rug pads. Why? Pets can urinate on rugs with it going unnoticed for some time, giving the liquid time to seep into the flooring causing permanent damage. Although pet urine can be very damaging, a barrier rug pad keeps the pet urine in the padding to prevent it from reaching the floor.

For Parents

Let’s be honest— kids are messy! Similar to pets, they could spill something on the ground (obviously not considering how costly it will be for mom and dad) while you aren’t paying attention. Spills from children could go unnoticed for a while which can harm your flooring, but luckily barrier rug pads can save you a lot of money and worry in the long run!

How Fiber-Seal Can Help

There are many different option available when it comes to rug pads, and we understand it can be overwhelming. Fiber-Seal recommends barrier rugs pads that:

  • Are made from recycled materials
  • Don’t off-gas in your home
  • Are non-allergenic and non-toxic
  • Are safe for your family and pets
  • Won’t damage your flooring


A fabric care consultant at your local Fiber-Seal Service Center can recommend the best rug pad for you!

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