Easy Ways to Freshen Up Furniture and Floor Coverings

Maintain Your Fabrics Like a Fabric Care Expert

Maintaining the soft surfaces in your home is very important to increasing their sustainability. Unfortunately, it can also be a lot of work. We have narrowed down some of the most important steps of caring for your soft surfaces. Taking these simple steps for fabric maintenance can help your furnishings look newer for longer.


Floor coverings and upholstery need to be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove soils and dust that accumulate. Vacuum floor coverings in different directions. Pay special attention to entrance areas, traffic lanes and in front of furniture, as they should be vacuumed twice as often as other areas. If you want to learn more about vacuuming, visit this blog post.

Damp Dust

Damp Dusting removes soils that vacuuming alone does not remove and prevents build-up of body and pet oils which can cause premature soiling and wear. To damp dust, mist a small amount of pHnominal on a white terry towel and dust the soft surface as you would a tabletop. If you are working with a dry-clean only fabric, use Kleen-Tec instead of pHnominal. Both pHnominal and Kleen-Tec can be found in the Fabric Care Kit Fiber-Seal provides to clients after protecting furnishings within their home or office.

It is important not to use heavy pressure or scrub, as this could damage your furnishings by causing fabric abrasion. Generally, once a month is sufficient to damp dust soft surfaces to keep them looking fresh.

Rotate Cushions

Rotating or turning upholstery cushions on a regular basis will assist in maintaining their appearance. Constant, one-sided use can distort the interior of the cushions and cause abrasion to the outer fabric. Many fabrics fade naturally with age and exposing all sides of cushions allows for more even use and lengthens the fabric life.

Oriental & Custom Area Rugs

Regular and proper care for Oriental and custom area rugs helps increase their useful life. If possible, rugs should be rotated periodically to prevent uneven wear. It is essential to vacuum area rugs thoroughly to remove gritty soils that can accelerate fiber damage. Professional cleaning is encouraged on a regular basis to keep your rugs in their best possible condition. Proper care also minimizes the chance of carpet beetles and moth larvae damaging  rugs— and I think we can all agree that nobody wants these critters living in their beautiful rugs!


Benefits of Fiber-Seal

Fiber-Seal provides you with spot cleaning agents to assist you in caring for your furnishings in our Fabric Care Kit. These cleaners are simple to use, and don’t leave any sticky residues. Give your local Fiber-Seal Service Center a call when you’re due for a professional cleaning, and don’t forget to pair it with our protection services! Fiber-Seal protection allows most spills and soils to be blotted away, so you won’t have to work as hard to maintain the appearance of your furnishings. Complimentary spot cleaning is included with protection services, so if any spills are too tough to get out, we will come out to work on them. Fiber-Seal services coupled with these simple fabric maintenance tips will ensure your furnishings will look their best year-round!

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