How to Remove Red Wine Stains

Everyone has spilled or seen someone spill red wine. A wave of panic rushes over everyone in the room as the wine hits the rug or sofa in what seems to be slow motion. You may think a red wine spill is the worst thing that can happen to your furnishings, but luckily Fiber-Seal can offer some tips and tricks for getting these tough stains out. All you will need to get red wine stains out are a white towel and a Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Kit, which is provided to clients after receiving Fiber-Seal protection services.

Red Wine Stain Removal

It is very important to test all products and procedure on an inconspicuous area before proceeding.

How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet & Rugs

Step 1: blot

The very first thing you are going to want to do when a red wine spill occurs is blot up as much of the liquid as you can with white terry towel or paper towels. Do NOT rub when removing the wine, as this could cause fiber damage. After you have blotted up as much wine as possible and no more is being transferred to the towel, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Clean with phnominal

You will find pHnominal (#5) in your Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Kit. Get a clean white terry towel and spray generously with pHnominal. Place the towel on the stain and blot. Repeat spraying a clean part of the towel and blotting until no more wine transfers to the white towel. If the spot is gone, you’re done! If it persists, you will need to move on the next step.

Step 3: Clean with colorreneu

Find ColorReneu (#6) in your Fabric Care Kit. Repeat the same process as you did with pHnominal until there is no trace of the stain left. If you can still see the stain after the cleaning agents dry, contact us to remove any last traces.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Couch or Other Upholstery

For wine spills on any upholstered items, you will follow a similar process as you would for carpet and rugs: blot, clean with pHnominal, and clean with ColorReneu. The main difference between cleaning carpet and rugs vs. upholstery is that you want to use just a small amount of the cleaning agents on upholstered furnishings. Keep in mind that upholstered furnishings are a bit more delicate and require a gentler hand. Handle these fabrics with care and be sure not to rub when removing the wine stain, as this could damage the fabric.

For a more detailed explanation on how to use the Fabric Care Kit items, watch this video.


Some Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Kits contain Staintastic packets. If the stain persists and you have Staintastic in your Fabric Care Kit, apply as directed after you have completed the previous steps and the area has dried. Staintastic is a neutral cleaning agent that works great as a wine stain remover—plus it comes in convenient packaging so you can be prepared on the go!

Don't Have Fiber-Seal? Call us ASAP!

The cleaning agents we provide in our Fabric Care Kit help you deal with minor spill emergencies. For more difficult spots, we offer complimentary spot cleaning services on protected furnishings. If your furnishings aren’t protected and you need help with spot removal or cleaning in general, you can still contact the fabric care experts. We specialize in not only cleaning fine furnishings, but also spot removal. Contact your local Fiber-Seal Service Center to schedule your free consultation today, and drink red wine stress-free from anywhere in your home.

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