Which Fabric Are You?

It turns out that different fabrics and fibers have characteristics similar to those of human beings. We have created a quiz comprised of lifestyle and personality questions that correlate to four main fabric groups. Take the quiz and find out which fabric you are!

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COTTON & Linen fabrics

If you are cotton & linen fabrics, you know when it’s time to take things seriously, but you also know how to have a good time! You take risks (such as eating on your cotton/linen sofa!) but know your boundaries at the same time. Opening up to new people and making friends is no problem for you, but you may find yourself struggling to stay calm when tough times arise. Your idea of a good time probably involves outdoor activities or being around water. You are humble, trustworthy and you have a good heart. It’s easy for you to clean up and look nice when you need to, but for the most part you aren’t too flashy in the way you present yourself. You are selfless in your actions, and others respect the way that you live your life.

Both residing in the natural cellulosic family of fibers, cotton and linen share the same basic characteristics. We also see a lot of cotton/linen blends in upholstery fabrics.
Cotton and linen tend to be towards the middle on the spectrum of many traits. They aren’t the best outdoor fabrics for outdoors, since prolonged UV exposure can degrade cotton fibers and cause unsightly yellowing over time.

Cotton and linen fabric owners can be comfortable enough with the cleanability of their fabric to be able to eat and drink on their furnishings but should try not to overuse them as wrinkling and tearing are concerns for both fibers.

The biggest downfall of cotton and linen is their lack of resilience. These fabrics wear down over time. When cotton or linen gets deformed, it is extremely difficult to restore it back to its original shape.

One of the great things about these fibers is their versatility. Both cotton and linen react well to dyes and can be combined with each other as well as other natural and synthetic fibers to create cotton/linen velvets, cotton chenille, and more!

As for the feel of these fabrics, cotton tends to be a little softer than linen in their natural state, but neither is considered very soft or very course. (Softer than a bearded dragon, but not as soft as a bunny!)

Cotton and linen are 20% stronger when wet. While yes, this does mean that these fabrics can be wet cleaned, fast drying is necessary with natural linens to prevent browning. When linen is dyed, browning is not usually an issue.


If you are Rayon/Viscose fabrics, you probably hold your cards close to your chest, and may not be the biggest risk taker. You would rather be safe than sorry! However, you’re open to exploring new cities and gaining new experiences. You take pride in the way you present yourself and enjoy the finer things in life. If anyone treats you wrong, you’re quick to put them right back in their place. New people are attracted to you for your personality and appearance, but after the initial spark is gone, they tend to move on. You may seem closed off to people who aren’t in your inner circle. Remaining calm in chaos can be difficult for you, and these chaotic situations can lead to you feeling worn out. You are an animal lover; especially dogs because you value loyalty and companionship.

Though we appreciate the many visually appealing fabrics that rayon can produce, we have time and time again expressed our issues with the fabric. Rayon is made to mimic the luster and feel of silk, but it does not share the same durability and sustainability as the protein fiber.

Although rayon/viscose fabrics and extremely soft and have a nice appearance, all it takes is one mishap of spilling your wine glass onto the brand-new rayon rug and its likely ruined. Not only does rayon have poor resilience, but soiling and spills can be difficult, if not impossible to completely remove from the fabric.

Rayon becomes up to 80% weaker when wet! This makes it very difficult to effectively remove soiling from both fabrics and floor coverings without being able to use water-based cleaners.

Beautiful luster and color combinations coupled with a soft touch attract people to rayon. However, as time goes on, the fabric quickly loses its initial spark and causes more stress than happiness. One of rayon’s positive qualities is that it tolerates dyes very well.


If you are wool and silk fabrics, you value your health, but have no regrets taking cheat days when you feel like it! You really appreciate and take in all the beautiful things in life. Working hard to reach your goals is important to you and leaves you feeling fulfilled. You’re a softie at heart, and always willing to lend a helping hand. When making decisions, you’re grounded and logical— and great at handling stressful situations. You are known for your distinguished ability to bounce back from tough times, and no matter how hard you get knocked down— you always find a way to get back up and fight. Friends describe you as easy-going, and you take life as it is thrown to you. Although others are drawn to you, it can be hard for you to fully open up to anyone, and you don’t mind keeping things to yourself.

Silk and wool upholstery and floor coverings will fade quickly if exposed to sunlight, so make sure you place them responsibly throughout a space.

While protein fibers natural cousins’ cotton and linen become stronger when wet, wool and silk become 20% weaker when wet. Despite this, these fabrics can still be wet cleaned with high effectiveness. Spot cleaning silks, however, can be a challenge due to ringing. Rather than a trip to the beach, you might take a scenic hike with a nice view, with a moderate chance of rain.

The protein fiber group is home to the softest of fibers, whether its wool, silk, cashmere, or alpaca. Coming home, kicking off your shoes, and walking across your wool shag rug is a wonderful feeling!

Wool and silk are among the very best fabrics in terms of resiliency, making them a sustainable and durable fabric for almost all spaces!


If you are polyester, nylon or acrylic fabrics, you like to live life on the edge and take risks without a worry in the world! Outsiders may think you’re crazy— but you are extremely confident, and people respect you for that. You’re easy to get along with and have no trouble making new friends. Although you like to have a good time, you don’t have any trouble staying calm and focused when need be— you can handle anything life throws at you! The problems of others don’t bother you, but when it comes to someone you really care about, you always have their best interest at heart. You love spending time outdoors, so much that you may count down the days from the start of each year until you can finally go outside and spend all your waking hours at the beach or the pool! Your style sticks out to your peers, and you can often be a little bit of a clean freak.

These synthetic fabrics, belonging to the manmade non-cellulosic fiber group, are some of the younger fabrics in the textile world. While most natural fabrics have been around for centuries (or longer), polyester, nylon, and acrylic are all less than 100 years old. They have come a long way since their conception, both in their usability in fabrics as well as their ease of maintenance.

When these synthetic fibers are solution dyed during manufacturing, they have excellent resistance to sunlight fading. They are very popular among indoor and outdoor furnishings alike, no matter the exposure to sunlight. These fabrics also tend to have very low absorbency, so you aren’t worried about heavy downpours.

Many synthetic fabrics are known to not only resist fading, staining, and soiling, but when they finally do become dirty or stained, they typically clean up extremely well.

Synthetic fabrics are supremely resilient, making them able to withstand heavy traffic and harsh elements. Though manmade non-cellulosic fibers have come a long way in terms of comfort and feel in fabrics, they are not known for their soft feel in the way that wool fabrics are.

No matter which fabrics you are most similar to, the beautiful thing is that they all come together to create a beautiful design! The fabric care experts at Fiber-Seal specialize in fabric protection, cleaning and maintenance so you can enjoy your furnishings worry-free.

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