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Pet Friendly Fabric, Pet Hair Removal & Removing Pet Stains

We all love our pets, but sometimes they can make maintaining your furnishings difficult and time consuming. Some pet owners opt for pet furniture covers, but these can often dull the beauty of your interior design. Many questions arise as a pet owner when it comes to caring for your fabrics— from how to get dog pee stains out of carpet to what the best vacuum for pet hair is. We will cover the best sofa fabric for pets, how to remove pet stains and pet hair removal in this blog post. It IS possible to own luxurious upholstered furniture, carpeting and rugs and enjoy them… even with pets!

What is the Best Sofa Fabric for Pets?

Although there is no pet proof sofa fabric, there are many pet friendly sofa fabric choices to choose from that clean up very nicely. If you have dogs, you already know that their claws can snag your rugs and upholstery, and dealing with pet hair and oils is inevitable. Fiber-Seal recommends any manmade non-cellulosic fabrics for those with pets. Manmade non-cellulosic fabrics clean up extremely well, so even if they get dirtied up by your beloved furry friends, they can bounce back to normal after a proper cleaning. The best furniture fabric for dogs in this category include nylon, polyester, acrylic and olefin. Click on the name of each fabric to learn more about it and be sure to keep these fabric choices in mind when purchasing furnishings in the future! Additionally, you can add fabric protection to any soft surface, making cleaning a breeze.

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Pet Hair Removal

When it comes to dealing with pet hair, each pet owner has their own way. While vacuuming is the best method to eliminate pet hair, some use pet hair remover tools, such as a rubber broom for pet hair or a pet hair remover brush. These tools can be extremely helpful in collecting the hair that vacuums may miss. When it comes to pet hair removal, here are the products that we recommend:

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair (Upholstery): iRobot® H1 Handheld Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is our top pick for vacuuming pet hair on all types of upholstery. It is cordless, has great suction and is perfect for fitting in small crevices.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair (Floor Coverings): Lindhaus Activa 30 Pro

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for quickly removing pet hair from your rugs and carpeting. It includes a beater brush, which loosens up trapped pet hair for easier vacuuming. One perk of this vacuum is that it can go straight from rugs to hard floors!

Please note that powerful vacuums with a beater bar like this one are not meant to clean looped and high-pile fabrics such as boucle! Over-vacuuming can ruin these fibers.

Best Pet Hair Remover Tool: The World’s Best Upholstery Brush

This upholstery brush works wonders on all surfaces, including clothing covered in pet hair! You simply brush your fabric with this brush, and you will see a significant difference in the amount of pet hair present! Make sure to always perform this step before vacuuming.

Remove Pet Stains

If you have a Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Kit, you can follow the instructions to remove pet stains from carpet, rugs or upholstery in the Ultimate Spot & Spill Removal Guide. For pet stain removal, you will first remove and blot up what you can with a white towel. Next, you will use pHnominal fabric spray by spraying it onto a white terry towel and blotting the spot until no more is transferring on to the towel. If that doesn’t entirely remove the spot, repeat the same process with ColorReneu.* Dry cleaning methods can help remove pet hair and pet oils as well!

If you don’t have a Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Kit, there are other ways to remove pet stains by yourself. First, remove all excrement or vomit that is present. Then, blot up as much of the spot as possible. One home remedy commonly used as a pet stain remover is white vinegar and water. For this method, you will mix white vinegar and water at a 1:1 ratio, creating your own rug, carpet or upholstery cleaner. If you have an empty spray bottle available, pour the mixture into the bottle then spray onto a white towel. Otherwise, just pour a small amount of the mixture onto your towel. Then you will blot the spot until the spot is gone, or no more transfer from the pet stain occurs.

If you are having trouble completely removing pet stains, Fiber-Seal provides the best cleaning service in your area. We are professional rug, carpet and upholstery cleaners. If your furnishings are Fiber-Seal protected, we provide complimentary spot cleaning services as part of our Fabric Care System. Contact your local Fiber-Seal Service Center to learn more about our fabric care services.

*Always be sure to test your cleaning agents in an inconspicuous area of your fabric to make sure no color change occurs.

Fiber-Seal Partners with Pet Owners

Fiber-Seal has been working with pet owners for over 50 years to keep their furnishings looking fresh. Our luxury fabric protection and cleaning services have prevented many pet stains from becoming permanent. With Fiber-Seal upholstery protection, most spots and spills can easily be blotted away on furnishings. Clients are provided with our Fabric Care Kit for cleaning minor mishaps, such as dog pee on the carpet! Additionally, Fiber-Seal offers a complimentary spot cleaning service on protected furnishings, so you can live worry-free with pets! With fabric protection, cleaning and maintenance services, you’ll never have to worry about your pets soiling your furnishings again with the Fiber-Seal fabric protection service!

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