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The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System

Imagine for a moment— with the help of your interior designer, you have just completely redesigned your home. Redesigning your home can get costly but can be worth the perfect results. However, you start to notice changes in your lifestyle. You hesitate to plan a party for fear of spills, crate the dog to avoid pet stains, and yell at the children to stay off the new upholstery. You constantly worry about the accidents that can happen.We consider every possible variable when selecting the perfect fine furnishings, yet we disregard the maintenance behind fabric care until the time comes and all we can do is Google “DIY upholstery cleaner”.

Fabric care is a combination of both an art and a science. Fiber-Seal is experienced in fabric protection and maintenance, as well as providing educational resources for interior designers and soft surface consumers. Countless articles have been published on interior design, furniture, carpet, fabrics and colors… however the literature for fabric care and maintaining these furnishings is far less accessible. That’s where Fiber-Seal steps in.

How Does Fiber-Seal Work?

How do we retain the soft feel and appearance of beautiful fabric, yet remove the worry and difficulty of keeping it looking bright and new? Only the full multi-step Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System can provide the answer.

Reduce fabric absorbency

The first step is to make the fabric less welcoming to spills and soils by increasing the repellency and reducing the absorbency of the fabric. Fiber-Seal fabric protector products have been developed through exhaustive testing to do just that. They penetrate each fiber and bond the microscopic openings into a smooth surface which holds spills and soils out of the air spaces between the fibers– allowing them to easily be blotted away. Fabric protector spray does not change the color or feel of the fabric, so the only difference you will notice is how easy spills are able to be cleaned up. Further, the surface of each fiber is sealed with a tough yet flexible bond which not only repels stains and soils, but also acts to intercept the abrasive wear that fibers face during daily use of furnishings. This means that the fabric will not show wear as soon as a non-treated fabric, increasing the sustainability of furnishings. Fabric protection services allow furnishings to stay looking newer for longer.

Fabric Maintenance

Fiber-Seal stands behind its product with ever-evolving cleaning solutions and offering complimentary spot cleaning on protected items. This is the unique program of Fiber-Seal, as it doesn’t presume that our clients are fully equipped to take care of all spots and spills. They want the ability to relax and enjoy their homes and offices. Just as they relied on professional assistance in the selection of their furnishings, they now rely on the professional fabric consultants of Fiber-Seal to assure their worry-free use of carpets, rugs, furniture, draperies, wall coverings and more.

Fabric Care Kit

Although most spills and spots can easily be blotted away on protected furnishings, Fiber-Seal provides clients with safe, effective cleaning aids to assist in cleaning stains that may be tougher. With the Fabric Care Kit cleaning solutions comes a written manual, corresponding to the number labeled on each cleaning solution. Most importantly, we give them a local phone number which they can call at any time for further assistance.

Realistic Expectations

With fabric protection services along with cleaning and maintenance, Fiber-Seal has the best methods for freshening up fabrics. However, fabrics are almost infinitely varied in their challenge: different dyes, weaves, finishes, fibers, construction, and more. Our clients are given realistic expectations, yet our expert technicians often far exceed those expectations. A truly professional relationship is built on long-term confidence, not on short term assurances. Although we cannot perform miracles, we can deliver complete access to the accumulated skill and knowledge of an entire industry. We will always do our best to get your furnishings looking as fresh as possible. Contact your local Fiber-Seal Service Center for more information.

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Upholstered chair stained with red wine

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Chair after Fiber-Seal worked on it; we were able to completely remove red wine stain

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