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Fabric Care Kit for Furnishings

All fine fabrics including floorcoverings and above the floor fabrics in your home deserve proper fabric care, which is why Fiber-Seal provides clients with the Fabric Care Kit. Fabric care isn’t exclusively fabric cleaning and fabric protection— fabric maintenance is just as important. The Fabric Care Kit provides the best cleaning tools for maintaining your fabrics to keep them looking fresh and new, year-round.

Although Fiber-Seal fabric protection services make spills and soils much easier to clean up, we know some spots will require more than just blotting them away with a towel. The Fabric Care Kit is a DIY upholstery cleaner that contains three different cleaning agents and a fabric sponge. Not only does the kit come in handy for stain removal, but also for keeping fabric cleaner in general.

Fabric Care Kit Items

Unlike many over the counter spot cleaning products, none of the following products contain optical brighteners, nor do they leave behind residues. This allows the user to remove spots without any worry of worsening the spot or having it wick back up in the future.

Fabric sponge


Nicknamed “magic eraser”, the fabric sponge is used to clean spots such as:

  • dry powders
  • scuff marks
  • kick marks
  • ashes
  • soot
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This is the go-to product for all-purpose removal of water-based spots and spills.



Kleen-Tec is a dry-cleaner contained in an aerosol can used to clean spots such as:

  • grease
  • butter
  • oils/oily substances


This is another water-based cleaner used for removing the final traces of spots such as:

  • cellulosic browning
  • coffee & tea
  • urine
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Cleaning Spills

The first step to addressing any liquid spill is blotting the spill with a dry white terry towel or paper towel. With Fiber-Seal® protected upholstery fabrics, area rugs, and carpeting, oftentimes this is the only step you will need. If the spot persists after blotting, simply follow the Ultimate Spot & Spill Removal Guide which is included in the kit. This guide provides step-by-step instructions of how to perform spot cleaning on common stains. Let’s use the example of using the Fabric Care Kit as a pet stain remover.

Pet Stain Removal

NOTE: ALWAYS TEST CLEANING AGENTS ON FABRICS BEFORE USING THEM. Find an inconspicuous area to test the product and look for any color movement, or any other change in appearance.

To remove pet stains, you will first blot and lift as much of the spot up as possible with a white towel or paper towel. When executing this step, be cautious not to rub, as this can cause abrasion which can damage the fibers. Blot the stain until it is no longer transferring onto your white towel. Next, you will use pHnominal by spraying it onto a clean white towel. You will then blot the pet stain again until it is gone. If any traces of the spot remain, repeat the previous steps that you used with pHnominal, but this time with ColorReneu.

If any difficult stains persist after using the Fabric Care Kit, there is no need to worry! Fiber-Seal offers complimentary spot cleaning services on protected furnishings.

Damp Dusting

Not only is pHnominal an excellent spot remover for removing water-based stains, but it can also be used for damp dusting. Damp dusting removes dirt and soils that vacuuming doesn’t. Damp dusting regularly prevents the build-up of body and pet oils, which can cause premature soiling and wear. To damp dust, mist a small amount of pHnominal onto a white towel and “dust” the soft surface as you would a tabletop. Be careful to not use heavy pressure or scrub, as this could cause damage. Generally, once a month is sufficient to damp dust soft surfaces to keep them looking fresh.

We're Here for You

Using a fabric protector on your furnishings helps make cleanup easier, and the Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System has everything you need in a fabric care service— from luxury fabric protection services to fabric cleaning and maintenance. Contact your local service center for more information!

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