Fiber-Seal vs. Scotchgard Fabric Protector

In today’s world, people spend thousands of dollars on their car and their home. Of course, they then buy insurance to protect their investments. Many people also spend thousands on home and office furnishings, such as rugs, carpet, upholstery and window coverings, and want a way to insure them. This is where the question of Fiber-Seal vs. Scotchgard fabric protection arises. In this article, we will compare the two so you can make an informed decision on a fabric protector for your beloved furnishings.

Scotchgard Fabric Protector

The origin of Scotchgard fabric & upholstery protector has a fascinating story behind it; believe it or not, it was an accidental discovery! In 1952, 3M chemist Patsy Sherman was working on a new rubber material for jet fuel lines and dropped a beaker full of a liquid rubber mixture onto her shoe. After trying everything she could think of to remove the stain, nothing worked, and she quickly noticed its repellency properties.

Scotchgard, a product of 3M, is a line of aerosols that protects fabrics from liquid spills. The products form a clear waterproof layer designed to repel liquids and stains from bonding to upholstery fabrics. Not only does the protectant reduce spills and spots from permanently sticking to the fibers of upholstery and floor coverings, but it makes the stubborn stains easier to clean up after the fact. Scotchgard makes protection products for more than just furnishings: they offer repellency solutions for shoes, bags, and kitchen countertops. Scotchgard even offers a fabric protection product exclusively for suede and nubuck.

3M has reformulated its line of Scotchgard fabric protector products on multiple occasions to comply with ever-changing environmental regulations.

Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System

Founded less than twenty years after Scotchgard fabric protector was born, Fiber-Seal was created when Steve Nelson saw the need for not only professional fabric protection, but also a solution for maintaining those furnishings when things went wrong. Fiber-Seal added service centers around the country, which has amounted to over 90 locations today.

Not only does Fiber-Seal formulate a family of repellency products to protect fabrics, rugs, carpets, and more from spots and spills, but they also so a need to created compatible cleaning agents which can be found in their exclusive Fabric Care Kit. The R&D team at Fiber-Seal has been adapting its formulations for decades to provide the best fabric protectors and cleaning agents.

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The biggest thing that sets Fiber-Seal apart from other fabric protection products and services is its Fabric Care System. Each service center is equipped with a team of expert fabric care consultants and technicians that stand behind their fabric protection products.

How Does the Fabric Care System Protect Fabrics?

The Fiber-Seal fabric protection is applied to the fine furnishings by a trained fabric care technician. Protected fabrics and floor coverings then fall under our service program, in which Fiber-Seal’s fabric care experts will return, if needed, to the home or office to spot clean stubborn spots that cannot be removed with the Fabric Care Kit provided at the time of initial service.

What is the Best Fabric Protection Solution?

The truth is that there is no right answer to this question. Scotchgard fabric protector products have proven to be an effective fabric repellency solution for over 60 years. Their products offer the ability for the consumer to protect fabrics on their own and re-apply the protection when needed. However, for those who make substantial investments in their furniture and floor coverings, the luxury fabric protection services from the Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System may be the better option. Not only will the fabric protection be evenly and thoroughly applied, but you will sleep a little better at night knowing that the trained technicians at Fiber-Seal are on call to tackle any spots and spills that come about.

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