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How to Remove Chocolate Stains & Other Halloween Treats

Although Halloween is typically thought of as a cheery time for tricks, treats and candy, parents and hosts know the stains that certain Halloween treats leave can be spooky. There’s nothing quite as frightful as chocolatey fingerprints or chewy candy stuck to your beloved furnishings. Luckily, we will be discussing how to remove chocolate stains and other stubborn stains so you can be prepared for anything this Halloween!

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How to Remove Chocolate Stains

According to a recent survey conducted by Instacart, chocolate is the most popular Halloween candy for 84% of those who purchase candy for the occasion. Popular chocolate treats such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&M’s, and Snickers all ranked in the top 10 favorite Halloween candies for 2022. That being said, the chances of finding chocolate candy that’s been smushed into a rug or cushion significantly increases. Luckily, we have just the solution for removing those chilling chocolate stains. The most important advice we can give is to ADDRESS THE SPOT AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE OF IT. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of completely eliminating the stain.

First, you are going to remove as much as the mess as possible by blotting, lifting, or gently scraping to discard any larger pieces. Get as much of the chocolate out as possible without causing damage to the fabric or floor covering… we used a spoon to scoop up excess chocolate and peanut butter from this Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

*Before using any cleaning products, be sure to test them on an inconspicuous area to ensure no color change occurs. The cleaning products mentioned below, pHnominal and Kleen-Tec, are included in the Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Kit.

The next step is to use a dry cleaner, such as Fiber-Seal brand Kleen-Tec, to remove oil-based spots. Generously spray the dry-cleaning product onto a white towel, and blot until no more chocolate transfers. Wait for the area to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Finally, using a cleaning agent for water-based stains such as Fiber-Seal brand pHnominal, mist the spray onto a clean white towel. Blot the spot until no more of the stain transfers onto the towel, reapplying pHnominal to the towel on a clean side if needed.

Chocolate stain removal can be a difficult task, so if any chocolate remains, don’t be afraid to call the fabric care professionals at Fiber-Seal to take care of it.

How to Remove Hard Candy

Jolly Rancher hard candy and lollipops are other popular choices for Trick or Treaters, so it’s important to have the knowledge of how to remove hard candy from fabric without damaging it just in case.

If the hard candy is stuck to the fabric or floor covering, it’s important not to pull it out as this can cause damage to the fibers. Instead, try grabbing some ice cubes from the freezer, place them in a Ziplock bag, then place them on the candy for at least an hour. As the candy hardens, it should be easier and less damaging to the fibers to gently scrape it off with a spoon or plastic knife.

If a stain remains after removing the candy, you may need to involve a cleaner, such as pHnominal or a mild dish soap solution diluted in warm water (1 or 2 drops of mild dish soap in 8 ounces of warm water). After testing on an inconspicuous area of the fabric, use a rag to apply the detergent to the stain and blot. This should remove some of the remaining spot and dissolve the rest enough to blot the remnants off.

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How to Remove Chewy Candy, Gummy Candy & Soft Candy

If the candy culprit that is stuck to your upholstery or floor covering is a chewy, gummy, or sticky soft candy, the steps are the same as removing hard candy from your fabrics! If you feel that removing the candy poses a risk of damaging the fibers, don’t let these sweet treats ruin your Halloween. Call the fabric care experts at Fiber-Seal to take care of it.

We hope this post has helped you learn how to remove chocolate stains and other tricky treats!

No Need to Fear... Fiber-Seal is Here!

No matter how scary a stain is, you can always contact your local Fiber-Seal Service Center to assist with stain removal. We are fabric care experts with over 50 years of experience— which means we use the most effective methods to keep your fabric cleaner. To worry less about terrifying spills and stains, we recommend our luxury fabric protection services which includes complimentary spot cleaning on protected items. Trust the best fabric protection and cleaning company to keep your floor coverings and upholstery looking spooktacular!

If you’re interested in other fabric care related topics from ‘how to clean upholstery fabric’ to ‘what is a fabric protector spray,’ be sure to check out our other blog posts to expand your knowledge!

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