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How to Spot Clean Common Thanksgiving Spills

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving gathering, you’re probably focusing on getting your house clean and guest-ready for loved ones. Unfortunately, hosting comes with the risk of guests dirtying up the beloved fabrics in your home. Our goal is to prepare you for spills that may occur this Thanksgiving, and give you the knowledge you need to successfully spot clean them.

Grease Stain Removal

Whether you lean toward the traditional Thanksgiving fare like turkey, ham and gravy, or you like to do something different like steaks, most meat products have one thing in common— they’re greasy! This means they will require similar methods to spot clean. Whether someone accidentally drops their turkey leg in the seat of their chair, or the restless nephew throws some ham on the rug for the dog, a grease stain won’t go unnoticed and should be handled as quickly as possible.

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To spot clean a grease stain, you must first pick up any solid chunks that may remain from the initial drop. To address the remaining liquid grease, use a white towel to blot up as much grease as you can until no more transfers onto the towel. Next, use a dry cleaner such as Fiber-Seal brand Kleen-Tec, which is included in our Fabric Care Kit along with other fabric cleaners. Fabric Care Kits are provided to clients as part of our fabric protection service.


Spray the cleaning agent onto a clean white towel and blot up as much of the remaining grease stain as possible. Repeat until no more of the stain transfers. If the spot is removed, congratulations! You did it. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

Using a gentle cleaner for water-based stains, such as Fiber-Seal brand pHnominal (also included in our Fabric Care Kit), mist a small amount onto a clean white towel. Blot the stain. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

If you anticipate someone spilling on themselves and are wondering how to get grease stains out of clothes, and a cycle in the washing machine doesn’t get it done, the steps above can be used! Just be sure to test before applying any cleaning agents.

Cranberry Sauce Stain Removal

Cranberry sauce is a staple dish of the holiday season, but its bright red appearance can make cleaning it up seem like a daunting task. Luckily, with our fabric care expertise we can walk you through the most effective stain removal method.

You will first remove any solid bits of the cranberry sauce and dispose of them. Blot up as much of the red substance as possible with a clean white towel, making sure not to rub! Once you have gotten up as much as possible, go ahead and move to the next step.

Spray your water-based cleaner, like pHnominal mentioned above, onto a new, clean white towel. Blot the spot until you don’t see any more red transferring to the towel.

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If the cranberry sauce spot persists, use a cleaning solution for water-soluble stains to remove any final traces. We recommend ColorReneu, also part of the Fabric Care Kit, to do the trick. With this cleaner, you will repeat the previous steps of spraying and blotting until no more of the stain remains.

How to Spot Clean Mashed Potatoes

No traditional Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without the presence of buttery, delicious mashed potatoes on the table. Mashed potatoes are the most popular side dish in the United States for Thanksgiving this year, according to Campbells State of the Sides 2023 Report. That being said, we predict quite a few mashed potato-related mishaps around the country.

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To spot clean mashed potatoes, you will first pick up as much of the food as you can.

Address the remaining mashed potatoes by using a white towel to blot up until no more is transferring onto the towel (do NOT rub). Next, use a dry cleaner such as Fiber-Seal brand Kleen-Tec.

Spray the dry cleaner onto a clean white towel and dab it onto the affected area and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Next, using a gentle cleaner for water-based stains, such as pHnominal mentioned above, mist a small amount onto a new, clean white towel. Blot the stain. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

Professional Spot Clean

Hopefully this post helped you learn how to spot clean like a pro and be prepared for any spots and spills that may occur this Thanksgiving. However, if any of these spots persist and you can’t completely remove them, don’t hesitate to call the spot cleaning professionals at Fiber-Seal to help you out! For an extra layer of protection against spots and spills, use our fabric protection services that include complimentary spot cleaning on protected items!

We hope you and your loved ones enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

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