How to Spot Clean Common Thanksgiving Spills

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If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving gathering, you’re probably focusing on getting your house clean and guest-ready for loved ones. Unfortunately, hosting comes with the risk of guests dirtying up the beloved fabrics in your home. Our goal is to prepare you for spills that may occur this Thanksgiving, and give you the knowledge you need […]

How to Remove Chocolate Stains & Other Halloween Treats

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Although Halloween is typically thought of as a cheery time for tricks, treats and candy, parents and hosts know the stains that certain Halloween treats leave can be spooky. There’s nothing quite as frightful as chocolatey fingerprints or chewy candy stuck to your beloved furnishings. Luckily, we will be discussing how to remove chocolate stains […]

Fabric Protector Spray & Service

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Let’s face it— life can be messy. Living among the fabrics in your home means risking stains and soiling, especially for parents, those who enjoy hosting, and pet owners. Luckily, there is a solution to keeping your fabrics looking fresh and new— even when they endure spills, messy children and pet accidents. A Fabric protector […]

How to Remove Coffee Stains

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If you’ve found this blog post, chances are you’ve had a spill and are now left wondering how to get coffee stains out of carpet, upholstery or rugs. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place; and it is important to get to work on that stain as soon as possible! Luckily, we […]

Problematic Rugs: Viscose & Sisal

Rugs are more than just mere floor coverings; they’re reflections of our aesthetic sentiments and sources of comfort. They can pull together, or even completely transform an interior space. At Fiber-Seal, we maintain the opinion that caring for and preserving the longevity of these rugs is just as important as choosing the right color, texture, […]

Beat the Heat: Best Fabric for Summer

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Depending on where you live, surviving a hot summer can be brutal. Luckily, selecting the right upholstery fabrics can ensure you stay dry and comfortable all season long. Here are our top 3 picks for the best fabric for summer. Linen— the best fabric for summer The moisture-wicking and breathability properties of linen fabric make […]

Fabric Care Kit for Furnishings

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All fine fabrics including floorcoverings and above the floor fabrics in your home deserve proper fabric care, which is why Fiber-Seal provides clients with the Fabric Care Kit. Fabric care isn’t exclusively fabric cleaning and fabric protection— fabric maintenance is just as important. The Fabric Care Kit provides the best cleaning tools for maintaining your […]

Textile Trivia: Upholstery Fabrics

Fiber-Seal technicians are among the most highly trained in the fabric care industry. Many of the questions listed in our Textile Trivia articles are taken directly from Fiber-Seal training quizzes. Upholstery fabrics make up a large part of the fabric care realm, and we can never talk enough about the ever-changing fiber combinations and construction […]

What is Mohair Fabric?

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What is Mohair Made of? Mohair is a fiber that is produced from the fleece of the Angora goat. Although mohair is a type of wool, it is never referred to as wool. The term wool is usually reserved for fibers produced by various types of sheep. Angora Goat The Angora goat, sometimes referred to […]

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System

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Imagine for a moment— with the help of your interior designer, you have just completely redesigned your home. Redesigning your home can get costly but can be worth the perfect results. However, you start to notice changes in your lifestyle. You hesitate to plan a party for fear of spills, crate the dog to avoid […]