Meet the fabric care kit

The Fabric Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your fabrics looking fresh until our next visit.  Fabric Care Kits are included with every fabric protection appointment. If you run out of any products before your service period is up, contact your local Fiber-Seal Service Center for a refill.


  • The Ultimate Spot & Spill Removal Guide
  • Kleen-Tec, a dry-cleaning agent
  • pHnominal, a spot remover
  • ColorReneu, a spot remover
  • Fabric Sponge
  • pHnominal packets
fabric care kit

*Not every Fiber-Seal Service Center includes every item listed.

This handy kit is perfect for everyday mishaps that are inevitable, especially with kids, pets or party guests involved. Although most spills can easily be blotted away on protected furnishings,  there’s a chance that tougher spills can occur that require additional care. That’s where the Fabric Care Kit comes in. Fiber-Seal provides the tools you need to take care of a wide variety of spots,  such as urine, chocolate, and even red wine! This kit is part is an important part of the all-inclusive fabric care service we provide, and helps to keep your furnishings looking newer for longer. Countless rugs, sofas and chairs have been saved by this kit!

Rather than relying on the endless “do it yourself” methods of spot cleaning found online, we find it better to equip our clients with the basic knowledge and tools to address spots and spills when they happen.

the ultimate spot & spill removal guide

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care Kit is intended to be a resource for clients and interior designers alike.  Watch our Fabric Care Kit Instructions video for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use each product. Our cleaning agents are formulated to remove difficult stains, although help is just a phone call away with our complimentary spot cleaning service. Contact your Local Fiber-Seal location for more information.

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