Fabric Protection

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Our fabric protection treatment is part of a family of proprietary products that are only available through a licensed Fiber-Seal service provider. Since our establishment in 1971, we have researched and developed specific formulas and techniques for treating a wide array of fibers, including wool, rayon, silk, leather, and more!

As warranties change and fibers evolve, we continue to refine our products and services to meet the most current market demands and industry standards. We carefully monitor all of our treatment products to make sure that they are both effective and in line with all governmental requirements and standards.

Protecting Your Fabrics, Family, and the Environment

At Fiber-Seal, we consider product safety a top priority and take extra measures to make sure our products are safe for your fabrics, and most importantly, your family. We want to assure you that every protective treatment or spotting aid that is applied in your home is safe for your family and pets. In addition, we want you to know that the protective treatments and spotting aids you receive as part of the Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System are of the same high quality that our clients have depended on for years. There is no lessening in the superiority of the products that are being applied to your furnishings. 

Improving the environment is the job of every government, business, and individual, which is why all of our products are eco-responsible. Year after year, our products meet all federal and state air quality requirements. In addition, Fiber-Seal Systems is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. We also take pride in the fact that we are part of The Woolsafe Organization, an international body that tests cleaning and fabric treatment products. We submit our products each year for approval and they attest that our Fiber-Seal products are safe and effective.