Fiber-Seal Fabric Protection

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System provides fabric protection which reduces the absorbency of soft surfaces and makes removing spots and spills much easier. With fabric protection, clients receive a Fabric Care Kit and complimentary spot cleaning on protected items.

Fiber-Seal’s proprietary protection products reduce the absorbency of fabrics to which they are applied, without changing the color, texture, or feel.

When Fiber-Seal protection products are being applied, there is very little odor. Once completely dry, there is no odor.

Drying time varies depending on which Fiber-Seal protection product is being applied. Generally, drying time is between 2-5 hours.

Fiber-Seal wears as the fabric wears; with use and abrasion. The service period covers a reasonable time frame where the protection is expected to remain the most efficient on the most heavily used pieces in the home or office. Many of our clients renew the application when the service period expires because they rely on our service for maintenance of their interiors.

We guarantee that we will do our very best to remove spots and spills. Stain removal is not guaranteed. Not all soils or stains are removable. The client assumes responsibility for daily maintenance but may call upon our office for emergency spot cleaning services while protected furnishings are under service.

We will always try to remove all spots, spills, and/or stains before protecting your furnishings. An additional charge may be applied for spotting.   

We believe that at the end of your Service Policy, your furnishings should be re-protected. There is no harm to furnishings for subsequent applications of Fiber-Seal’s protection products. Fiber-Seal products will not build up like a waxy finish. Re-application ensures optimal protection.

Emergency spot cleaning is just a phone call away. During your service period, it is complimentary on protected furnishings. Just contact your local office to schedule a service call for spot cleaning.

Our protection products are in a family similar to paint. Just as wet paint will rub off, but dry paint will not – the same principle applies to Fiber-Seal protection products. Once the surfaces are dry, they are inert. People and pets can walk and sleep on them and they essentially become a safe and effective part of your fabrics and floor coverings. This is how Fiber-Seal relates to the home.

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