frequently asked questions

Information for Interior Designers

With Fiber-Seal, your client’s furnishings will look like new longer – increasing compliments and referrals! Fiber-Seal protection makes cleaning more effective so that fabrics last longer. When you are done with designing a space, you can hand your clients off to us for ongoing care of their furnishings. Additionally, most clients want the option to use fabric protection. Your clients will then call us when a soiling issue has already occurred on unprotected fabric or carpeting. While we always do our best, our success is increased with protection. 

Peace of mind knowing that the beautiful interiors you created will stay that way as we protect and maintain your clients’ homes.

We strongly suggest that you contact us directly with your client’s name and contact information – this ensures that we know the source of the recommendation. 

Fiber-Seal isn’t just a fabric protection company, but a service company. After a treatment has been applied, our team of trained technicians help maintain your clients’ interiors. The system is a combination of the best fabric protection and complimentary emergency service visits as needed during the service period.

Fiber-Seal wears as the fabric wears; with use and abrasion. The service period covers a reasonable time frame where the protection is expected to remain the most efficient on the most heavily used pieces in the home or office. Many of our clients renew the application when the service period expires because they rely on our service for maintenance of their interiors.

Have more questions? Simply fill out our contact form or call your local service center and we will be happy to answer them!