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RAYON RUGS... Readily Ruined, But Still the Rage


We have published various articles over the years explaining the shortcomings of rayon. Despite our best efforts, rayon rugs remain extremely popular with designers and their clients. Undeterred, we bring you—again—our best information about the limitations
of these products.

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ORIENTAL RUGS... Handy Maintenance Tips


“Oriental rug” is a term that encompasses a wide variety of floor coverings, some of which have a thick pile look while others appear more flat. These rugs can be made from many different fibers such as silk, rayon and wool, but in this article we will discuss the subset of Oriental rugs made with wool.

Many consumers believe that Orientals require a lot of maintenance but that is not true. They don’t require a lot of time, but they do require thoughtful care.

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LINEN FABRICS... Timeless Look and Luster


Linen is a natural cellulosic fiber derived from the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. Since it is made from the stem of the plant, it is considered a “bast” fiber (as are jute, hemp and ramie).

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RAYON CHENILLE... All the Rage, But Readily Ruined


Chenille fabrics are incredibly popular in today’s home fashions. With interesting textures and a soft hand, they are available in a vast array of styles and qualities. Design possibilities are broadened by the use of different fibers, the most common of which are cotton, rayon, acrylic and polypropylene (olefin).

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FELT RUGS... Special Fabrics Need Special Care


Felt is a fabric formed when sheep's' wool or animal fur is subjected to heat, moisture and pressure or agitation. Soap, or an alkaline environment, helps the felting process. Heat and moisture cause the outer scales along the fiber to open, and the soap allows the fibers to slide easily over one another thereby causing them to become entangled.

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LET'S GET PHYSICAL... "Dry" Soil Removal


You’ve just finished cleaning the fireplace and that last shovelful of ashes is safely in the trash bag. Patting yourself on the back for a job well done, you place the shovel back on the rack – only to have the rack topple over. You watch in horror as the fireplace poker lands on your white carpet. Thank goodness the black spot it makes is only the size of your little finger! You head for the kitchen cabinet and grab your favorite spot remover…Stop! Put That Bottle Down!

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WOOL FLOOR COVERINGS... When Will This Shedding Stop?


In the world of interior floor coverings, wool is valued for
its resiliency, ability to hide soil
and inherent flame resistance. In part because of this impressive list of attributes, it is also one of the most expensive floor coverings, so it often comes as a surprise to consumers when they discover that their new wool area rug or wall- to wall- wool carpeting has one pesky problem: It sheds!

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STATIC IN THE HOME... A Shocking Experience


A client called us recently to ask if we could help with a problem her
family was having. It seems that they had just taken delivery on a
new microfiber sofa. Visually, the sofa was a delight. However, when
anyone sat on the sofa and walked across the room to go outside,
touching the doorknob set off a spark that would immediately “get
their attention!” So why would a microfiber sofa create this kind of problem? More important, could anything be done to minimize the painful consequences?

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LYOCELL... Rayon's Fashionable Cousin


Lyocell is a relatively new fiber in the home furnishings market. Introduced in 1991 to the apparel market, branded lyocell fibers are more commonly known as Tencel® lyocell, as marketed by such companies as The Lenzing Group. For the home market, lyocell is used primarily in upholstery fabrics and is often blended with cotton, rayon and polyester.

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