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MICROFIBERS... Fine Fibers for Fashionable Fabrics


“Microfiber” is really not a fiber in the truest sense of the word. Rather, it is the generic term for the technology that has been developed to produce an ultra-fine fiber, which is then woven into very high-quality fabric constructions. DuPont introduced the first microfiber, made from polyester, in 1989.

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STORING WOOL & SILK RUGS... Tips From the Professionals


Storing wool and silk rugs may sound simple enough, but you do need to take special measures... Everyone knows that certain insects damage articles made of wool or silk (protein fibers) by using the fibers as a food source. Clothing is a very common “prey” for these fiber-chomping critters, primarily because it is often kept in dark, little-disturbed areas like closets and storage containers.

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LEATHER... Special Fabrics Need Special Care


Leather is a very general term used to describe an animal skin, which has been colored or dressed for use, forming a stable, nonperishable material. Though we will focus on the range of leathers used in the manufacture of upholstery, specialty leathers such as ostrich, alligator and others are processed and cared for in much the same way.

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FABRIC SELECTION... Six Important Considerations


Fabric selection is often a small part of the design project but it can have a big impact on client satisfaction. Our offices receive calls every day from designers who want information about the characteristics of certain fabrics and how they will stand up to everyday use as well as cleaning. That’'s why it is so important to make responsible selections.

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PRE-TESTING... The Most Important Rule of Spot Removal


While it is true that every soft surface—wall fabric, rugs, upholstery, draperies, etc.—should be carefully pre-tested before using any spot cleaning product, for purposes of simplicity we will focus in this article specifically on seating fabrics. The same general framework of pre-testing is used on all types of interior fabrics and floor coverings.

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SISAL... Special Fibers Need Special Care


Sisal is a fiber obtained from the leaves of plants belonging to the agave family. The actual processing of the fiber begins with the separation of the fiber from the chlorophyll, pectin, and other fleshy parts of the leaf. The leaves are crushed, and the resulting pulp is scraped from the fiber, which is washed and dried. The lustrous fiber strands range from creamy white to light brown. A fairly coarse and inflexible fiber, sisal has long been used as a material for small rugs and mats. In more recent years, sisal has enjoyed growing popularity for use in large rugs and even wall-to-wall carpet.

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INSECT PESTS... Spring Cleaning May Be Too Late


Insect pests can get in your clothing... Almost everyone has seen items of clothing that have been damaged by insects before. Usually found in dark closets or out-of-the-way storage areas such as attics, clothing that has been left undisturbed—and improperly stored—for a period of time is susceptible to attack.

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PET STAINS... A Most Difficult Dilemma


Interior fabrics and floor coverings are subject to many different types of stains and soils, but perhaps none is more damaging than pet urine. Unchecked, it can cause fiber damage, stains that are impossible to remove, and odor problems that seem never to go away.

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