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RAYON RUGS... "Difficult" Would be the Diplomatic Term


Problems abound when it comes to rayon rugs and goes by many different names such as Viscose, Faux Silk, Art Silk, and Bamboo Silk--only to name a few. At least one manufacturer uses a brand name, calling their rayon Luxcelle. Many different names, all the same fiber.

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ABRASION RESISTANCE... A Major Factor In Fabric Performance and User Satisfaction


One of the most essential performance characteristics of an upholstery fabric is abrasion resistance… the ability of the material to withstand the rubbing or abrasion it receives in day-to-day use. Many factors are directly related to abrasion resistance, including: type of yarn(s), fabric construction, construction of the furniture, and degree and type of use.

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WOOLSAFE... THE Source for Product Certification


The WoolSafe Organization is THE source for certification of all maintenance products for wool carpets and floor coverings. As wool has become one of the more desirable fibers for residential and commercial use, this highly respected organization has grown from a single office in the United Kingdom to a worldwide presence with offices in Greece, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the United States.

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PILE REVERSAL... A Most Durable Dilemma


Shading is a change in pile direction that results in an apparent change in color due to the light reflecting in different ways. Solid color cut-pile carpets will exhibit this more often than textured or patterned carpets.

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FABRIC MAINTENANCE... Upholstery Cleaning


Fabric Maintenance at Fiber-Seal means more than just applying our premium fabric protection treatment to interior and exterior fabrics. Experts at Fiber-Seal not only protect fabrics, but care for them to by offering spot cleaning services for upholstery. This article focuses on the two basic upholstery cleaning methods.

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FABRIC CHALLENGES... Our Picks For Most Difficult To Maintain


It could be argued that there are no "bad" fabrics or floor coverings, only less than practical choices. Starting with this premise, there are several types of fabrics used for interior furnishings that are best suited to minimal-use areas such as formal living rooms and guest bedrooms. The fabrics discussed in this article should be specified only in such low-use areas.

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