WOOLSAFE... THE Source for Product Certification

The WoolSafe Organization is THE source for certification of all maintenance products for wool carpets and floor coverings. As wool has become one of the more desirable fibers for residential and commercial use, this highly respected organization has grown from a single office in the United Kingdom to a worldwide presence with offices in Greece, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the United States.

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official WoolSafe product certification mark

WoolSafe Testing

Because products used on wool floor coverings must be both safe and effective, WoolSafe sometimes runs as many as a dozen different tests on each product they evaluate. All tests are based on industry-accepted standards.

For example, a state-of-the-art fabric protector like Fiber-Seal’s must undergo a rigorous battery of tests including whether or not the pH level is safe, how the product reacts to soiling, and its capacity for soil and stain repellency. The lab also tests for the presence of chemicals such as optical brighteners and reducing agents, substances that are not allowed in any products intended for use on wool.

Once a product successfully passes the testing protocol, it then becomes eligible to display the prestigious WoolSafe certification mark. However, the testing program doesn’t end with a simple pass or fail before the product is introduced. WoolSafe certification requires that products be re-evaluated every twelve months to assure continued compliance. No other testing program is more rigorous in this regard.

Our Partnership

Because Fiber-Seal specializes in caring for the very finest interior textiles, WoolSafe approval became an important goal for us. We wanted to assure homeowners that our products are safe and effective. When we learned about WoolSafe, we submitted two of our protective treatments immediately, and they became among the first products authorized to use the WoolSafe logo.

Since that time, we have submitted more products for approval as our family of brands has grown, including protective treatments for above-the-floor fabrics and floor coverings, as well as various cleaning and maintenance products.

Why are we so committed to the WoolSafe program? Because we learn from it! The information we get from their testing protocol actually helps us fine-tune our products and make them even more effective. Their understanding and use of scientific methods enhances our entire industry.

Knowing About Wool Isn’t Always Enough

With knowledgeable WoolSafe staff members working with us and with access to their testing, it might seem that we should know all there is to know about wool…and Fiber-Seal does have a great deal of expertise!

However, manufacturers are constantly blending new and different fibers with wool – especially silk and rayon – to achieve new eye-catching looks.

It would be tempting to think that a rug that is 95% wool and 5% silk could be cared for in the same way as any 100% wool floor covering, but that isn't always true.

As fibers go, wool is a relatively forgiving material. It stands up extremely well to foot traffic and typically responds well to water-based cleaning methods.

The same cannot be said for silk. Especially in a cut pile construction, silk yarns tend to lose their resilience and lay flat when cleaned with water-based methods. Rayon responds even more poorly to water-based cleaning.

Floor coverings with even the tiniest use of accent yarns must be cleaned with extreme caution, generally using cleaning methods that are appropriate for the most sensitive fiber present.

For more information on WoolSafe, visit www.woolsafe.org.