Bouclé is Back!

Bouclé’s Not so Humble Beginnings In both fashion and furniture, bouclé has navigated in and out of popularity over the years. Today, we see it as a popular fabric choice for chairs, sofas, pillows and even rugs. Bouclé fabrics are made up of fancy yarns bound into a series of loops tightly wrapped around a […]

Wine Stain Removal: Dos & Don’ts

Most of us have either done it or watched it happen. A trip or maybe an inadvertent wave of the hand sends that beautiful glass of cabernet or merlot flying. In a panic, people start rushing to do something – anything – to keep the stains from becoming permanent! We like to think that everyone […]

Pet Urine Stains & Fiber Content

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Pet Urine Stains Interior fabrics and floor coverings are subject to many different types of stains and soils, but perhaps nothing is more damaging than pet urine. Unchecked, it can cause fiber damage, stains that are impossible to remove, and odor problems that never seem to go away. Nylon, olefin and other manmade non-cellulosic fibers […]